Are you considering switching lawyers?

You have a right to change lawyers

Some issues you may have about your case:

  • concerns about what steps have been taken;
  • what steps have not been taken;
  • why certain decisions must be made;
  • what the risks are;
  • not responding to your calls or emails;
  • you no longer feel comfortable with your lawyer or have lost faith with him or her;
  • lack of communication between you and your lawyer.

changing lawyers

Firstly, you should attempt to address those concerns with your current lawyer before seeking a new lawyer. If your concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction, or you receive no response, then it may be time for a second opinion.

Maintaining continuity of counsel on your auto collision case is an important consideration when switching lawyers for both the client and for the potential new lawyer. If your case is just beginning, it will be easier to locate new legal counsel as the new lawyer has the opportunity to build your case from the beginning. If your case is several years old or approaching trial, retaining a new lawyer is more difficult as your case needs to be re-examined and potentially rebuilt in a short time frame.

Switching lawyers may also carry financial consequences

Typically to change lawyers, your new lawyer must pay your former lawyer for the work already done and the money paid out or spent on the case. The money spent on the case may include such things as the cost of ordering medical records, the charge for obtaining the police file, or the fees associated with filing court documents.

The earlier you change lawyers, the lower the potential costs as your former lawyer has put in less work on your file. The later in your case that you change lawyers, the greater the cost might be as your former lawyer would have spent more time and more money on your collision case.

In any situation, carefully choosing a good lawyer at the outset of your case could limit any future issues, limit the need to change lawyers in the future, and hopefully lead to a proper and efficient resolution of your case.

The advice and information contained in this article are for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace a lawyer’s advice. Please always consult with your lawyer for your legal needs.

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