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driving after a collision


When driving is difficult after a motor vehicle collision, it is always good to have resources available. Picking Up Pieces is proud to present a collection of articles pertaining to driving.  Please click on any of the following posts to read more. If you still have questions, please contact us. We are here to support you!

Dogs in Collisions

Dogs and Collisions

Whether your dog is accompanying you on a cross-country road trip, or you are simply chauffeuring him to a vet ...
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VNG Testing

What is a VNG Test?

VNG Test, which is short for a videonystagmography test, is a test that physicians sometimes use to determine whether the ...
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Accessible Permit

Accessible Parking Permits

After surviving a collision, you may need to apply for an accessible parking permit. Here are some things you need ...
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Super Bowl

Superbowl Sunday While Recovering

Super Bowl Sunday is just a couple of days away and millions of football fans across the country will meet ...
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Diagnosing your Injuries

Diagnosing Your Injuries After an Auto Collision

Auto Collisions are generally horrific experiences even when the damage is not severe. Everyone reacts differently to a crash. Some ...
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Replacing your Vehicle

Replacing Your Vehicle After a Collision

After surviving a horrific collision, your vehicle may be a “total loss” and now you face the dreaded task of ...
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Staged Collisions

Staged Collisions & Insurance Fraud

A staged collision is when a con artist deliberately causes a collision in such a way to make you look ...
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Driving High from Marijuana

Is It Safe To Drive Using Marijuana?

In Canada, legalization of marijuana has been all the buzz in the media lately. People are realizing the enormous potential ...
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Important New Year's Resolution

Important New Year’s Resolutions

MVA Support & Recovery has some important New Year’s Resolutions to help keep you safe on Ontario roadways in 2018! ...
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Winter Driving

Winter Driving After a Collision

Now that winter has arrived, temperatures have changed. Most people will be travelling this holiday season and driving in the ...
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