Florida Car Accident Injuries for Canadian Citizens

If you are injured in a Florida car accident and are a Canadian citizen, you may have rights to claim benefits. Ontario auto insurance policies provide for medical and rehabilitation benefits caused by a car accident in Florida. Your Ontario auto insurance policy will even cover you if you are in a rental car or a passenger.

In addition to Ontario accident benefits coverage, residents may also have claims against the at fault vehicle.  These claims will generally involve Florida law, but sometimes may need to be advanced in Ontario if there is insufficient insurance coverage.

Florida Car Accident

When Ontario residents are injured in a Florida car accident, the process can be difficult to navigate because of the multiple insurance claims, regulations and laws.   A lawyer with experience in Florida and Ontario may be able to help.  We have offices in Ontario and Florida and can assist you with advancing your claims in Ontario. To learn more and speak with a Lawyer for Canadians Injured in Florida contact us for a Free Consultation at:  www.iacobellilawfirm.com

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