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This time of year there are many people in southern Ontario that could have the unfortunate experience of being involved in motorcycle accidents.  Few summer activities are more enjoyable than taking to the road by motorcycle. It’s enjoyable meeting up with fellow riders, or taking a scenic ride. For many motorcyclists, riding is a hobby, a source or recreation, and passion.  Unfortunately, for some riders this season will result in tragic injury, or even death.  Many motorcycle accidents in Toronto and throughout Ontario are the result of other drivers simply not paying attention.

motorcycle accidents

Despite efforts to remind drivers to be on the lookout for motorcycles, there are countless accidents where cars and trucks simply fail to see a motorcycle.  These motorcycle accidents often involve cars and trucks turning across the path of an approaching motorcycle, or making lane changes and striking the motorcycle.  When a motorcycle crashes into a car or is knocked down, the outcome will often be serious injury, and sometimes even fatal.  Many accidents could be avoided by simply being patient and courteous while driving.  Take your time and look before turning, as there may be a motorcycle nearby.

Toronto Motorcycle Accidents

Most recently in Toronto, two people were seriously injured when the motorcycle they were riding collided with a vehicle that made a left turn across the motorcycle’s path.  According to reports, one of the occupants had life-threatening injuries and the other had serious injuries, after a collision between a motorcycle and car at Lakeshore Avenue and Carlaw in Toronto. This Toronto motorcycle accident occurred on June 16, 2017.

We certainly hope that the victims of this recent Toronto motorcycle accident make a complete recovery from their injuries. Some of us at Iacobelli Law Firm ride, and we have friends and loved ones that ride.  Please drive safe and lookout for one another on the roadways.

If you are  loved one has been injured in a Ontario motorcycle accident, contact the motorcycle accident injury lawyers at Iacobelli Law Firm to learn about your rights.  We understand motorcycle accidents and can help you recover for your injury and losses.   Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION by calling 1.866.234.6093


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