Rehabilitation Treatment Documentation & Auto Insurance

Rehabilitation Treatment documentation is so important for you to keep after your collision.  Whether you are having rehabilitation treatments at home, a medical office or a medical clinic, every provider will ask you to sign an OCF-18 Form to which the medical provider will send into your auto insurance carrier on your behalf with the specified treatment plan outlined.

Within a few weeks your auto insurance carrier will then send a copy of the treatment plan to you outlining whether the treatment plan submitted had been approved or declined along with an outline specifying how much of your rehabilitation coverage you have used to date and how much coverage you have left going forward.

Rehabilitation Treatments


Firstly, it is imperative that you always keep a copy of the rehabilitation treatments for your records. Whether it be organized or just thrown into a box, every document is so important to keep for your records. Secondly, if you are receiving ongoing treatment by a provider and treatment plans are being submitted and approved, don’t be afraid to ask the provider for a statement of their services from time to time.

Their statement should outline the date your received treatment, an outline of what treatment you received, the cost of the treatment and what is outstanding/owed to the provider. Given that the auto insurance coverage is approving your treatment plans and authorizing payment on your behalf, the outstanding balance owed to the provider should be “0” as providers should always be billing on a monthly basis.

It does not hurt to ask for a copy of your statement periodically to ensure that there are no surprises if and when you choose to end your treatment or decide to change providers.

Lastly, always keep track of every single rehabilitation treatment you receive from a provider. When all is said and done, you may need to back track to cross reference your appointments vs. possible monies owed to the provider.

Submitted by: Dawne McKay
Founder of MVA Support & Recovery

The advice and information contained in this article are for educational and support purposes only.

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