HOPE TBI is a place of HOPE and Resources

HOPE TBI is a place of HOPE, inspiration, resources, educational information, the opportunity to give others the power to make informed decisions about their care, and to bring awareness to Polytrauma and Traumatic Brain Injury in general on a global level.


This site is a way to help others, help myself find healing, and hopefully take the struggle out of finding resources and information when someone is faced with a Trauma from a Polytrauma or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Whether that is from a Sports Concussion, a Wreck (vehicle accident), Blunt Trauma from a Violent Act,  Veteran from one of our Armed Forces with a multi-system trauma, medical procedure (like a shunt), medical event (like a stroke), someone who has experienced a blast injury….or something not so seemingly simple/harmless as a slip and fall.

HOPE TBI will help you

Perhaps you are the survivor of a Polytrauma or a TBI and you don’t know where to begin to get help, how to advocate for your care, or how things end.  No matter what, you are now, not alone in your experiences or your search for answers.  If you can find just one thing here in these pages that you did not know or might be useful, then here at H.O.P E TBI, our efforts will have been worth everything and made this all worthwhile.

One thing you can never do….no matter how bleak things appear or feel.  NEVER….ever….give up H.O.P.E

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